Web of Mind

Heh, slight error in the pic, but so it goes. Semantic web of words associated with the mind. Most are unrelated, etymologically. I intend to change that going forward, with more words derived from the roots presented.


I could see deriving a word for Erase from Forget. Bonus points to people who figure out the Easter Egg in the word for understand.

Semantic Webs

This is a web showing relationships between the meanings of a number of words in Glaubaal. The links between them are a little arbitrary, I’ll admit, but it’s a fine way to illustrate the ways in which words which are similar semantically can also be similar phonologically. It’s also a great way to motivate me to fill in a conceptual space to cover more ground.

More semantic webs will follow as I complete them. It’s very motivating to have a large number of small goals to complete, instead of staring at all the blank space in my lexicon and feeling overwhelmed.

Semantic Web 1.png